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Friday, November 28, 2008

Seri Maya...

Finally the deal was completed last Monday. We went to the lawyer's office, signed necessary documents, handed over the house keys and took our cheque. So finally, we are able to say goodbye to our 1st home and beloved property at Seri Maya. Adios D-02-01 Savannah Condo..

dining area

living area facing balcony

the 'lanai'

pool view from our balcony

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ketenangan Dalam Dunia Penuh Kesengsaraan..

Try to translate the title to english.. QUANTUM OF SOLACE! Kelakar kan? Yes, albir n i went n watched James Bond yesterday. The last movie that we went to was Indiana Jones.. berkurun lama gile. Watched it at GSC Premiere Class, Gardens for rm20 each. Mahal dah harga tiket wayang skarang ye. But not bad for the price. At least u don't get people behind u shaking ur seat ( guys who just cant control their legs annoy me).

Anyway, it is a continuation of Casino Royale. I dont like that one but i love this movie especially the stunts. And i'm starting to like Daniel Craig as a 007 agent.. not like the typical 'Bond'.

Now i'm just waiting for Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince which will only be released next year..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anaphylactic Shock

Today is a tragic day for rayyan.. Tok mommy fed him a half boiled egg this morning (it was his first time). He only ate a quarter of it. Not long after that he vomitted. Okay so maybe he still can't digest eggs yet. But he was groggy the whole morning.. not feeding well and was very clingy. Initially we thought maybe it was one of his bad days. After 3 hours we started to notice rashes on his forehead. Thought it was an insect bite at first. Then the rash started to spread to the whole body. He actually had an allergic reaction to the EGG! We gave him medicine to cool it down and applied calamine lotion all over his body.

Sian sgt... His ears were so red like hot chilli and he was scratching all over. Thank god after feeding him he slept for nearly 3 hours and the rash subsided. Pity u my dear.. dahla ada eczema, ni allergic to eggs lak. Maybe u are unfortunate in some things but lucky in others. We pray the best for u, sayang..

Now he's back to his old self again. But we still need to feed eggs to him from time to time coz the MMR vaccine contains an egg like substance. Hopefully he'll be able to take the MMR vaccination when he is one year old..

Instructions from UMMC:

Untuk Menguji Alahan Sebelum Suntikan Pelalian MMR
(Umur 12 bulan)

Untuk mengelakkan berlaku alahan yang akut (teruk) seperti anak sukar bernafas dan kebiruan. Boleh dimulakan bila-bila masa dari umur 8-10 bulan.

1. Beri anak makan kuning telur satu sudu (sepenuh masak) 1-2 kali seminggu.
2. Jika berlaku kemerahan kulit dibahagian mulut atau badan (alahan), HENTIKAN makan telur untuk sementara waktu (seminggu sahaja).
3. Teruskan makan kuning dan putih telur, lebihkan dari masa ke semasa. Seminggu 2-3 kali.
4. Jika tiada alahan, anak anda sedia untuk disuntik pelalian MMR sewaktu berumur 12 bulan.

*Jika anak anda ada alahan pada telur, suntikan MMR diteruskan di bawah perhatian doktor selama 2jam.

Shiann Rayyan.. (gambar ni censored gak eh..)

I'm Back

I'm back after a very-very long silence..dun ask me y coz i dont know the answer..btw yesterday albir went to midvalley and bought three quartz of baskin robbin's ice-cream. He bought jamoca, strawberry cheesecake and blue raspberry sherbet. I LOVE cookies n cream but after 3 31st attemps, i found out that the cookies were 'HANGIT'. Frust betol.. There was this one time we bought a 1/2 gallon of cookies n cream.. bercinta sungguh nk habiskan. In the end we just ate the ice cream n threw away the cookies.. what a waste. Anyway the queue in midvalley was tolerable.. unlike some places like subang and kajang. I heard the queue number was terrible. Once my auntie had to wait for 40 people before she could place the order...anyway we only bought this ice cream bcos of the 31% discounts on every 31 day.. for an ice-cream freak, sounds good and worth it IMO.. just had to make sure that it could last till the next 31st..

Blue Raspberry Sherbet
Strawberry Cheesecake

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