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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flora Cinta

We went to Midvalley to do some banking and ate nasi lemak & asam laksa at Jusco. Personally, i think the food is not as good as before. While eating suddenly out of the blue hubby said, " I rasa nak hias rumah kita ngan pokok bunga la. Rumah kita nampak kusam.." Well, blame it on the plants next to us.

But actually it might be a really good idea. Like they say, berbudi kepada tanah pasti akan dapt hasilnya. Tapi ada jugak orang cakap kalau tangan u suwey, pakai baja apa pun sure pokok akan mati gak. Anyway, we thought we might try our luck. So kitorang pun belila 2 pasu bunga n baja bunga skali. Let's see what happens after this.. Maybe u guys can come to our house and see the fate of the flowers.. hehe..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang

Last Wednesday we went to watch the musical theater.. Puteri Gunung Ledang. Imagine that it was all SOLD OUT! Luckily we bought the tickets early. We were supposed to go to Rihanna's concert as well last week but as u guys know she postponed it because of the stoopid Chris Brown. Well, Rihanna's acts might not be a smart one but u can never give an excuse for hitting a lady, no matter what they did.

Anyway, PGL was awesome!! The whole thing was really superb. Although there are a few things that they can improve like the songs. They are lovely but unfamiliar so i couldnt really enjoy it. They should air them on the radios so people could enjoy it more. Apart from that, i noticed that the dances during the second part of the show were a bit unsynchronised. Maybe its because the casts were practising everyday from 10am to 12am and they were all exhausted. And to Istana Budaya, please change the seats. We were practically sitting on wood.

All the main actors and actresses were excellent. Tiara n Stephen were both very good actors but i couldnt really feel the chemistry between them. Tiara had a very mature and powerful vibe but i felt Stephen was better suited off with a girl who's a bit more naive. But his voice is really good! All in all, they really deserved a standing ovation for their performance.

We had a few chances to watch musical theaters before in KL Convention Centre (all thanks to Bern by the way..). The first was Chicago. I've never watched the movie but Shah said it was exactly the same and it was really good. But the best theater of all was.. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! I loved it so much cos i grew up watching it. It brought back pretty childhood memories. And the set was fabulous. Did u know that the orchestra consisted of only 8 people? But still they managed to produce fantastic music. We even got a chance to go backstage. I wish they would come n do Sound of Music after this..

We went to Pavillion for dinner and found the best Fettucine Carbonara at the food court. I love the one in Italliannie's but this is way cheaper. Will definitely head there again..

Ada tokoh next Gusti Putri x?..

The director Zahim Albakri..

The yummmy Fettucine Carbonara..

Backstage @ Beauty and the Beast

The last petal of the famous Rose..

Superb show

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rayyan's 1st birthday

Rayyan turned 1 on 8th Feb. We wanted to organize a birthday party for him but there was just too much planning to do so maybe when he's older we'll plan one huge one for him. But he did not just have one, but two birthday celebrations. But something new happened to him before his birthday.

He was admitted to UMMC last Friday. As u can remember, he is allergic to eggs and was due for his MMR immunization at 1 year old. So he needed to be admitted for observation. Alhamdulillah, everything was well. Tapi akak penat betul cos dia betul2 xdok diam. N it was just for 6 hours! He just slept for less than an hour. Luckily i keje kt situ so bwkla dia jejln round hosp.. tgk klinik, wad n ofis.

After discharge, we picked Shah up n terus bwk dia gi KLCC for pain therapy (but i think it was more of window shopping therapy for his mommy). He was still wearing his bracelet nametag at that time. Ramai gak tanya apa tu. So when i told them that he just got out of the hosp, sume terdiam. They must have thought that i'm crazy for bringing out my son when he just got better. I just like to see him wear it for the day cos i never wanna see it on him again after this.

Shah treated us at Chilli's. Berbaloi gak cos kids meal is free n byk mana la rayyan bole mkn kan? Anyway thanks Uncle Shah! Dah besar sikit rayyan bole demand toys lak. Then we headed back to Johor the next day n celebrated with in-laws n family. He was not in a party mood cos satu hari xtido so mengaruk2. Tapi sempat gakla potong ice-cream cake ngan ayah dia.

Happy Birthday Rayyan! We're gonna have another birthday celebration at the end of the month k. We love u so much n wish for u all the best things life has to offer.

Food at Chilli's.. Rayyan was so excited dpt mkn mcm2..

HIs 1st bday cake.. Notice the bracelet?

Back at Johor.. melalak bile kena pakai party hat tu..

Some random pics.. at Bagan Lalang, PLUS Hway n Rayyan looking all cool with sunglasses..

(thanks b for the picasa pics.. terima kasih daun keladi, lain hari boleh tolong lagi ye)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Power of Dreams..

We have been eyeing to change our car dah lama dah. But there have not been a push factor until now. Plus takde keta yang menarik n affordable. Yang suke sume nye xmampu. So when Honda launched their new City, we decided to check it out n we fell in love with it! We love everything about it plus its affordable.

When we placed our booking in early January, the sales agent told us that we can only get our car in early April. But he kept on pushing us to get the car loan. Malas nk layan cos buat apa nk apply loan awal sgt kn? How surprised were we when he said he can give us a car straight (ni kira potong queue la). So he helped to apply for a loan. With only 2 months payslip (tu je yg ada time tu, nk cari lg sebulan xtau campak mana), he submitted them in the morning. That noon a girl called me up n interviewed me. Tau2 petang tu dah approved! Terkejut badak akak. Next, hubby wants a Johor number. I don't mind cos the KL number that time was WSE (mcm xcantik sgt unless he wants it to say WA SAYANG EZRA!! Hehehe...)

The car was all ready on the 19th of January (only a week plus after we placed our booking, best!) So we said goodbye to WMB 1879.. Hopefully after this next exchange dream car lak..

Thank u for all the years..

Deep Lapis Blue.. Ada mcm transformers x sikit2?

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