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Friday, June 26, 2009

Dendam Si Fallen..

Last Wednesday me n hubby went & watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie was really good. And u get to see a lot of Megan Fox (although i really can't understand why guys think she's the sexiest female alive).

I mean, i can't see which part of her that is sexy. Her body is normal, her butt is normal and her face is also normal. The only thing different about her is her skin which i think was too tan and her lips which i think was over pouty and unnatural. I'm definitely not jealous cos i think Angelina Jolie is still the sexiest female alive.

Anyway, Transformers really brought back a lot of good memories during childhood. Do u remember the days when cartoons like Thundercats, Voltron & Smurfs were on the telly? We can actually proudly say that these cartoons belong during our time. I heard they are going to do a Thundercats movie. Really looking forward to that. Can't wait to see Lionel holding the sword yelling "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder..... HOOOOO!!" (over pulak makcik ni..) Have u guys heard of a different version of the Thundercats song which goes something like this..

" Thundercats lawan tikus, Thundercats mampus
Cheetara lari laju, tak pakai baju.."

Can u believe that albir too have listened to the song? And he was in JB wile i was in KL at that time. Weird, huh? I wonder who invented the lyrics..

So if u guys have the chance go and watch his movie. But grab your tickets fast as i heard they are selling like hot cakes.

I think Hugh Jackman would be suitable to play Lionel..

Tapi kalau Megan Fox pose macam ni, makcik pun tak bole tahan..

Friday, June 5, 2009

What's in a Name?

Last month when i was oncall, an actor came and brought his wife to the hospital.

The wife said "Dr, u look young. How old r u?"

The remark is actually not surprising as i usually get that especially when i'm oncall. Dunno if it's a good thing cos sometimes i feel that they don't trust me enough cos i look young. But i like to see the surprise on their faces especially when i tell them that i'm married with a child.

Anyway, after examining the wife, i had a different kind of response. And this time it was from the husband.

He asked, " So ur name is Dr E***? Isn't that a guy's name?"

Ok, it could have been a good pick-up line except that the wife was sitting right beside him :-)

So i just said "Yes, but when combined with S*****, it is a feminine name."

But how do u actually respond to this kind of question?

I have no idea..

Anyway, just finding a topic to update.. I'm oncall today n on sunday. Hope i can sleep well at nite. Planning to take rayyan out jalan2 tomorrow..

Also planning to go to Singapore for the Great Singapore Sale this month.. Gonna shop till i drop..

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