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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary..

Yesterday was our second anniversary. Nothing special was planned. No gifts were exchanged, only wishes and 'aktiviti kekeluargaan'. Memang sejak kitorg couple, special events were not really celebrated. Birthday gifts pun slalu bagi belated.

But what matters most is that we are still together and is blessed with a wonderful son. Hopefully our marriage will last till the very end..

Anyway, sorry for the LONG silence.. Just didn't have the 'feel' to write.. Lebih suka baca blog orang je.. I'll try to be active again after this ye..

And u guys mesti nk tau apa jadi ngan flora cinta kitorg tu kan.. Hehehe.. TUNGGU..

Here are some unrelated pics yg dh lama nk post tapi xbole cos bluetooth laptop ni bengong aritu..

Rayyan buat muka boring cos ayah lock dia ngan seatbelt skali..

Kalau x jgn harap dia nk dok diam dlm keta..

Rayyan the Amil Muallaf..

Bagi rayyan try pakai petpet tapi xsesuai so rayyan pakai kt kepala je..

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