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Sunday, July 19, 2009

O&G Night

I know i haven't been blogging for quite a while now. Albir has called me 'The Monthly Blogger'. He loves to kutuk me when it comes to blogging. I have a lot of things to tell but somehow when it comes to blogging, i just couldn't find the time. Why? Coz i spend a lot of time just to write a blog. Seriously! I know bloggers usually just write whatever that comes through their mind but not me. I'm even the type of person who writes n then deletes. Mana x lama nk tulis blog. See, i'm even doing it rite now!!

Anyway, my department held a Dinner at The Le Meridien, KL Sentral on 20th June 2009. They have not had a dinner in . They used to have it annually but eversince the new HOD took over, all they had were dinners at the department. Since she is on sabbatical leave for a year, the Acting HOD quickly grabbed this opportunity to organize a dinner at a hotel.

So this year, all the staffs were very excited & each ward/clinic had to do a performance. Meanwhile, the doctors had to do a performance as well. Initially, there was supposed to be a performance from the specialists but somehow they backed out & so the medical officers had to perform on behalf of the doctors. And as u all can see, we are not really a bunch of talented people so singing, dancing & acting are out of the question. Plus, it would require a long time to practice so we decided to do the easiest performance ever which is the 'Fashion Show'. Yes, we get to be unprofessional models for a night. And yes, I was recruited to be one of them.

Our fashion show theme was 'Traditional Costume' and i was chosen to wear a cheongsam. It was i think the sexiest clothes that i've worn (in front of people that i know). I remember as i stepped onto the stage, there was silence for a while in the hall. Malu betul!!! Bear in mind that the people sitting at the VIP table were my consultants & examiners for my final exam, ok. Luckily, no disasters happened. (I was known to be very clumsy in public places. I actually fell outside the dining hall in Form5, tripped at the Maplair at Jln Telawi Bangsar & fell at the Puduraya pedestrian bridge).

The rest of the night was very enjoyable although most of the performances were quite redundant. Most of them chose oldies song to sing. A group perfomed the 'Tarian Pocho-Pocho' (all u government servants out there mesti tau apa ni). One of my Indian specialist sang a Tamil song and her voice was so melodious. She sounded just like Lata Mageshka (betul x?). And another Indian staff nurse performed an erotic traditional Indian dance. Boleh tahan menggugat iman gakla.

They gave out a lot of lucky draws but as expected i was never lucky to get any lucky draws. But i was lucky enough to humiliate myself again. This time i was chosen to take part in a game where we had to form a group of 5. We were given a song & we had to act like we were perfoming the song. I was chosen to be the singer and guess what was the song? Lagu ANITA SARAWAK!! Dahla makcik pakai cheongsam atas stage tu. Nasib baik menang!!

All in all, the night was very memorable. The only downfall was we weren't allowed to bring our spouses. Only specialists & consultants brought their partners. I hope they would do this as an annual event and i hope they would allow us to bring our partners.

The following week, i was greeted by very big & cunning smiles from the staffs. I know that they were thinking about that night but i wonder what was really going through their mind..

Some of the 'supermodels' of the night..

Syeda, me, Sharina & Kathy..

Catwalk on the runway..

With Prof Siva & Dr Reena..

With Dr Azmi, Prof PC Tan & Dr Si Lay..

With Dr Rahmah, Dr Sofiah & Dr Nuguelis..

With the housemen Uzair, Awatef & Ivy..

With the staff nurses..

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