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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ai d Beijing

Albir, me , rayyan n MIL went to Beijing, China December last year. Ok, i know it's an 'old story' but I just didn't have the time and the inspiration to write about it until now. Anyway, it was a 6D 5N trip and it was worth it! We had loads of fun especially for me coz i experienced a lot of first times on this trip.. 1st time went to an international destination thru klia, 1st time naik aerotrain, 1st time rasa winter n 1st time jumpa real snow! (i think i was more jakun than rayyan).

We stayed at Landmark Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe was just inside the hotel (very convenient). Managed to grab a few t-shirts, caps and sweaters (they were on sale) although imitation ones are cheaper. The weather was very, very cold. Luckily rayyan managed to adapt well. Everybody said he was a good boy..(except when he wants to sleep.)
The Chinese loved rayyan so much. U can say that babies are rare in China so when they saw rayyan they got all excited. They would hug him and kiss him and he was treated like an 'emperor' there. Can u believe my tour guide said that in a year he can only meet 10 pregnant ladies? Thats because they can only have one child per couple. Sian kan? We should be grateful to be malaysians..

I think we covered most of the tourist spots in Beijing. We went to The Summer Place, The Forbidden City, The Bird's Nest Stadium and The Wonders of the World Park (i think). They even brought us to a ski resort. Xpandai sungguh nak main.. banyak kali tergolek 'dog'. In the end me n albir ended up throwing snow at each other.

The best was going to the one of the Seven Wonders of the World.. The Great Wall of China! It was a tough challenge climbing the great wall coz it was so cold. But as they say 'Malaysia Boleh!', we all pun bole gak.. tp sampai 3rd post jela. The most important thing is that we have a certificate to prove that we have climbed it.

And the best part of the tour.. SHOPPING! U could get a lot of imitation goods that are of high quality with ridiculously cheap prices. But i didn't buy much for meself. First of all, none was attractive to me. Secondly, i got tired of bargaining. They would quote the initial price 10x more expensive and u have to bargain very hard until they accept your last price. Penat bertekak.. Tp beli gakla..

All in all, Beijing is a very nice place to visit.. make sure u guys go there ok..

The Wonders of the World Park..

The Summer Palace..

Gaya je lebih..

Rayyan enjoying himself..

Stadium Sarang Burung in the background..

The Great Wall of China..

I lurve this pic so much!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Farewell 2008

So long 2008.. A lot of things happened this year and the best was.. IAN O.P (Rayyan Sophie)! A child is the best gift from god to a parent and we thank you for giving us one.. and hope there will be many more to come.

Every new year buat resolution tapi satu pun x terlaksana so i've stopped having resolutions.. Just hope this year will be a better one than last year.. And free of debt (tapi nampak gaya mcm tambah hutang je lg) .. Anyway last year's finale was a meeting with the gurlz , The Hot Chicks.. (although now not so hot anymore) and the kids at Gloria Jean's Coffee, The Curve.

Tengah gossip hangat!!

Ariana E. sibuk gigit drapolene cream rayyan.. mama dia ckp gatal gusi.

Rajin2la jumpa lagi ye this year.. (notice x rayyan x dok diam..?)

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