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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gelora di Hati Sara

I don't usually watch malay dramas but lately i got hooked with a malay drama on tv2 played by Rosyam Noor & Fauziah Latiff. I like it because i like to watch Gee.. she looks so lemah-lembut & suci...

But what i can't accept is that the story is about a man with two wives... I really can't accept the reason that many men use to marry another which is that the wife can't give them children.. WTF?? That reason is so lame... Bukannya u all nak jaga anak tu day n nite pun...

If u really love a person, bukan ke patutnye u terima dia seadanya? There are other ways for u to have children... don't use it as an excuse for u to sleep with another person...

Even if the wife allows u to marry another, have u not considered deep down inside how would she feel? What if a woman is allowed to marry more than one, then how would u feel?

I've once heard about a real story about a couple who had 5 children and after the wife delivered the last child, she had uncontrolled bleeding and so the only way to stop it is to remove the uterus. They needed a green light from the husband to do it. Can u believe that the husband refused to sign the consent? Of course, she can't have children after that but which is more important, more children or your wive's life? Eventhough he refused, they managed to go on with it. The wife was saved. Do u know what the husband did? He went and DIVORCED the wife!!! What is he trying to prove?? He already has 5 children. DId he think about the wife or the kids? No, he just thought about himself...

I'm just writing this cos i feel so emotional when i watch the story.. I can really feel the hurt deep in my heart.. Not just a mild one, but the real pain.. Entahla, PMS kot..

So, saje je nak cite pasal drama ni... Banyak lagi citer2 sedih lain.. Tapi lg byk citer2 best macam Adamaya aritu... Suke tgk Lisa Surihani tu although dia kena brush up acting skills dia.. Budak pompuan tu pun cute giler.. Betul ke dia anak Afdlin Shauki?


And yes sera, aku mmg layan Gelora di Hati Sara..

* Next entry - Great Singapore Sale..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prince of Persia

Storyline - Good (although different from the game)..

Music - Okayla..

Graphics - Nice..

Similarity between movie & game - Banyak gak tapi moments yang dia minum air merah tambah power tu takdela..

Jake Gyllenhaal - HOT!! (Tak sangka lak)..

What's weird - Orang Persia cakap omputeh..

Ambience - Best (Tengok kt GSC Signature memang puas hati)..

Overall - SUPERB!!

Next movie - A-Team or Killers.. (If got time la)..

* Entry pendek2 - ok x?

Next entry - Gelora di Hati Sara..

So tight... aawww!!

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