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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh My Jimmy... CHOO!!!

This is my version of the story lak..

Last friday the Expose girl/mommies kuar jln2. Excited betul.. tapi lawak gak bile dorg cakap nak tengok 'Pisau Cukur'.. Albir had the time of my life 'kutuking' me cos he knows i dun like Fazura bcos of the gedikness (btw Apies, aku xpenah lak prasan ko gedik mcm dia).. Tapi ku layan kan jua n the story turned out to be good. I remember the last movie that us girls watched together were 'Gol & Gincu' (Fazura lagi)... Best gak.. I think i'll reserve these malay chick flicks with the girls jela.. CCK said the bags that they used in the movie looked fake..

I felt bad when CCK lost her phone.. I know how she feels cos i lost my phone as well.. just 4 days before that.. Left it at a restaurant.. Apparently there are still a lot of people who are not honest in this world..

Makan2 at chilli's were nice.. The top part of our beef ribs were hard as stone.. Ingatkan bile complain kt manager bolela dapat yang baru.. Dia bole cakap memang camtu cara diorang masak.. Nasib baik their mashed potato still maintains its quality.. Sedap sangat sampai Shud abiskan sume walaupun dia xbrapa suka mashed potato..

The highlight of the day was when i kena NGORAT!! A man was following us from the cinema to the toilet. Shud sedar n tanya dia nak apa. He said he wanted to talk to me. So i pun tanyala..

Me: Ya, nak apa?

Man: Bole saya cakap ngan awak sekejap?

Then dia cakap ngan Shud & Sera.. (CCK dah masuk toilet dulu kot, tak tahan..) "Takpela awak boleh pergi, tak payah dengar"

Shud: But she is my friend..

Man: Tadi awak tengok Pisau Cukur kan?

Me: Ya..

Man: Boleh saya berkenalan dengan awak?

Me: Nak buat apa?

Man: Saya ikhlas nak berkawan dengan awak..

Me: Its ok, saya dah kawin & dah ada sorang anak..

Man: Takpe, saya tak kisah..

Me: Takpela, thanks..

And i straight walked to the toilet. Horror giler kan!! Manusia macam ni pun ada.. Nasib baik i ada besties there for support. Tapi dorang pelik gakla. They thought he was my friend. Luckily he wasnt there when we walked out. He thought that since i watched the movie, i am like one of the ladies in the movie. Sorryla, i'm not that desperate yet. Although financially cukup2 makan je, at least i'm happy. And i dont think i can entertain another person in my life yet. That's why Rayyan still has no siblings.

Last 2 weeks when i met my besties, Rayyan n Albir went back to JB. I couldn't follow them because of work (can u imagine that we have to come on the weekends just to cover the ward for 2 hours..). Then before balik tu they asked, "So balik ni nak buat apa?"

I said, " Banyak benda aku kena buat. Kemas rumah, basuh baju, tulis thesis & study.." And all these work are never ending ones. So even if the boys are not around, banyak lagi keje yang i kena buat. Seriously time is very precious for me. So that's why as u can see, blog ni pun dah lama i tak update. But i also believe that 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.. So entertainment and time with family and friends are crucial parts of my life..

So sorry if i have been missing for a long time.. I am still in touch with you guys.. I still read your blogs and leave comments here and there.. I'll try to write a few notes whenever i can..

Zoomed-in version at Chilli's..

Rayyan kempunan nak naik walker..

Cubaan nak tidokan Rayyan (tapi macam mak dia je yang tertido)..

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