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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rayyan's Aqiqah

Alhamdulillah last saturday had Rayyan's aqiqah n potong jambul, finally.. Rayyan potong jambul with his cousin who is 2 months younger than him. We ordered catering dr Ad @ beryani super (saad kot nama dia). Kambing mak long masak kuzi n tok chu masak merah. Laku.. diorg masak mmg sedap. I'm very lucky to have a very supportive family. Without them xtaula bole handle ke tak majlis ni. Dahla barang2 serba xcukup.
Tokne came early in the morning n brought buah pinang (kitorg xcari pun, hehe..). Auntie kay n min brought clothes for the babies. Rayyan had 2 options, either a white jubah or a yellow baju melayu. Sadly jubah tu xmuat. Kalau x bole sedondon ngan parents dia. Kitorg pakat pakai baju nikah :) (we kinda stole the limelight, sorry rayyan..) Majlis start lepas asar n ended nearly maghrib..
The next day kitorg sesama gali lubang utk tanam tulang kambing qiqah n jambul rayyan. Rasanya xpernah lak i pegang cangkul. Berpeluh2 gak. Memang patutla keje ni org laki yg buat.
Alhamdulillah, majlis dah selesai. Rayyan, be a good person n may u have a great life ok..

The little king yg xreti dok diam..

Rayyan with Qasrina..

He's wearing Osh Kosh. Thanks Aunt Haj n Sera..

The little king kena cukur jambul..
Tok mommy enter frame..

Tokne, the wonder woman..

Shian die penat sgt..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dinner at Amarin Heavenly Thai

Had dinner with albir n sis-in-law last nite at midvalley coz they offered 50% discount for hsbc. The place was full but managed to get a table near the sofa. Senang bg rayan guling2 kt situ. Ordered green chilli chicken curry, sweet n sour seafood n baby kailan oyster sauce. But my favourite is the 'clear' tomyam. First time i jumpe tomyam xde kaler kt sinila. Best woo.. Tapi sorryla kalau pics kt bawah ni xmembuka selera u all. Dh abis mkn baru teringat nk amik gambar.

Parenthood expo at midvalley is going on from today till sunday. Jom jejalan.. Bole dapat baby things murah2..

Green chilli chicken curry

My favourite 'CLEAR' tomyam

Sweet n sour seafood

Baby kailan

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair maintenance

Aritu i blk umah in-laws kt jb.. my sis in-law rebonded her hair for only rm60. So i went there as well. Dh lama gile x buat apa2 kt rambut ni.. since before kawin last year. Tny auntie tu how much for my hair. I got a shock coz she said only rm80. Memang i potong pendek sikit before but i dont think i can get that price in kl. Aritu shud ada tny d 'expose' girls how much do we usually spend on our hair.. Hajja n sera nye rambut dh lurus toing2.. diorg xyah buat apa2 pun. My hair is frizzy so high maintenance la.. but dunno whether d products that she used were good or not.. will just have to wait n see..

Another thing, my hair is falling off like nobody's business.. even when i'm not doing anything at all! Anybody ada petua nk kurangkan rambut gugur? Some say its because ada baby kecik.. tp rayyan dh 6 mths dh. Abisla botak pasni..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Geopark Langkawi

Xsempat2 nk tulis blog. Coming back to my trip to langkawi.. went with albir, rayyan, mak, k eva, ely n her 2 kids.. n suddenly stepdad showed up at the langkawi airport! Terkejut bezerk!! Dhla sewa avanza je.. nasib baik muat. The whole situation was a bit awkward but was otherwise ok. Only that mak had to take 2 apartments instead of 1 (what a waste of money..) Heard he grumbled to mak that he was tired. Kesian gak but who asked him to come in the first place..
Anyway we first arrived in langkawi that evening by MAS. First time bwk infant naik plane.. jakun gak. They have an infant belt kan.. but mak yg pegang rayyan that time. Was so overexcited that i left the viewcam bag under the seat!! Luckily while collecting our checked-in luggage an MAS staff returned it to us. Thank u so much!! Baik betul hati dia.. may Allah bless him always. Kitorg siap sempat amek gambar kat plane lagi.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 MH 1450

After that we went & checked in at sri intan.. not bad for the price. Dapat staff discount. That night we had seafood for dinner but was just so-so. The next day we woke up early n had a dip in the pool. First time rayyan masuk pool. Air tu kan sejuk so rayyan kept saying "nanak, nanak", "dah, dah" tapi mommy dia ni paksa gak dia mandi dalam tu. Yela dah siap belikan bathing suit baby gap n floaties tu.. rugila kalau tak mandi kan. The thing is kat rumah tu swimming pool olympic size tapi tak pernah pun nak mandi.

After the swim went to Underwater World, tengok anaconda, penguin 'Happy Feet'. What a coincidence that Happy Feet was just on HBO the night before. Then had lunch at KFC at the jetty. Bestnyer makan fastfood takde tax kan? Why did they have to put the tax on us in the first place?? Then jejalan kt Langkawi Fair n Pekan Kuah. Borong Pyrex n kain batik n pelekat n chocolates. Pastu tapau dinner. Oops i did it again.. left my purse on the table!! Baru lepas withdraw duit tu.. Thank God a couple at the next table realized it. May Allah bless them too.I do forget things sometimes but was never this forgetful. My mind was occupied kot..

Underwater World here we come..


Happy Feet penguins..

On our final day in Langkawi we took a ride in the cable car. Seram sejuk gak but my fear of heights was not as bad as my sisters'. Maybe it runs in the family. Dah puas amik gambar kt platform atas tu albir ajak gi jambatan gantung tu lak. Initially i thought it would be fun but the journey was horrible! Dahla jauh pastu balik kena panjat tangga lak tu. Pancit sungguh.. Nasib baik xpanjat gunung kinabalu aritu. All in all, it was a long awaited, needed, nice break. Dahla tak gi honeymoon lagi. Konon2 nk gi Bali tp tetiba org tu pasport mati lak. Satu kampung dah tahu tu! Malu betul.. sampai xsanggup nk balik umah tokne eventhough ada birthday party aritu. Hopefully dapatlah gi vacation best2 lg pasni..

Blending in with the clouds..

Up, up & away..

See u again, Langkawi..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's my first!

never thought that i would have a blog.. only after reading my frens' & seeing them 'kutuk'ing me.. this could be fun.. wanted to have my first entry yesterday, 080808 but was a bit busy.. rayyan is 6 mths today.. brought the whole family to langkawi.. had the biggest surprise..

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